Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Waiting for Godot/ Act I - The Significance of Lucky's Hat

Vladimir: (To Pozzo). Tell him to think.
Pozzo: Give him the hat.
Vladimir: His hat?
Pozzo: He can't think without his hat.
Vladimir: (To Estragon). Give him his hat.
Estragon: Me! After what he did to me! Never!
Vladimir: I'll give it to him.
He does not move.
Estragon: (To Pozzo). Tell him to go and fetch it.

Pozzo: It's better to give it to him.
Vladimir: I'll give it to him.

He picks up the the hat and tenders it at arm's length to Lucky, who does not move.
Pozzo: You must put it on his head.
Vladimir: I'll put it on his head.

He goes round Lucky, approaches him cautiously, puts the hat on his head and recoils smartly.
Lucky does not move. Silence.

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